Thursday, January 29, 2009


Today I had a meeting with some of the ladies in the church.  They wanted to give me a report of what they had done while we were away.  So they gave their report of how the guard's brother past away and they helped with the funeral and did what they could even to the point of giving some money and food to help the family.  Then another man in the church passed away.  The way they do things here, since he attended church with us we were responsible for the funeral.  We weren't here so we couldn't help much.  Again these ladies took initiative and did what they could to help that family.  Even some of the other leaders stepped up and represented the church.  And then another lady past away who was also part of the church.  These ladies once again showed God's love to the family by washing the body, carrying the casket and praying in the funeral.  

I was so encouraged to hear such a report.  To hear of all they did just because they saw a family in need; they stepped up and did all they could.  No strings attached.  We hear of death just about every week and to be a part of a church that will reach out to hurting families and show them God's love... that's God.  The ladies went on to share with me about how peoplein the community were so impressed at how much a church cared for and loved on those that lost loved ones.  They showed the community what God is all about and what HPC is all about.  Reaching out to the lost and hurting.  

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Kids playing with water

it was nice and hot today. like the old saying goes, "Necessity is the mother of invention." I didn't invent anything but we sure made a few kids happy when we put a sprinkler head up in a tree...

Monday, January 19, 2009

joberg airport

sitting at the Johannesburg airport waiting to jump on the plane to get home. this was after traveling for 18 hours and now waiting for another six to jump on another plane. life don't get better than that.

in plane in dakar

We had such an awesome time in Baton Rouge during the holidays. I was great to see old friends, and spend time with the family. It was also a time of refreshing for us both. God blessed us so much during our time there. Now we are back in Mozambique, getting used to the time change and the heat. We traveled for about 30 hours. Very tiring but we arrived safely. here are some videos of our travels.