Sunday, July 19, 2009

HIV Series

Today was the last weekend on the HIV Series we've been going through at Healing Place Church Mozambique Swaziland.  Swaziland will go on through the middle of August.  We really felt it was an issue that could not go without mention.  The whole world speaks about it and advertises it yet the church stays silent while people die daily.  Just about every week we hear of death of a loved one in the church primarily from HIV/AIDS even though the people may not know that as the true cause.  We showed them the truth.  We expressed the danger.  We warned of the actions people take against those that are positive.  We showed what HPC's stand is and how we need to reach out and love those living with such a horrible illness.  But most of all, God's love endures forever. God wants to give them hope, God wants to reach out to them, God wants them as their own.  Jesus forgave all sins.  Jesus wants all to come to Him.