Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pre-school / Escolinha

A few weeks back we had the pre-school graduation. This is the first year we have done pre-school at the center. When we look back, it is amazing how far these kids have come from. We have about 60 kids that are part of the program. After they are finished with the courses with us, they will go into the public school and will be ready for first grade. There is no pre-school system here in Mozambique. The only way a child attends a pre-school is if they pay for it which is a very difficult thing to do in such an impoverished area. So opening the doors and giving these kids these foundational learning skills, they will be much more successful in their primary school years. We have awesome teachers that are not only teaching them but also showing God's love to these precious kids. The parents of these kids were so excited to see their kids and see all the work they did throughout the year.