Tuesday, September 29, 2009


This past Sunday was awesome for me. It was a great service. The "I have a friend" series has been very impacting on the people here. People go through many things in life that are the same no matter where you live in the world. After service a man came to talk to me. He took me aside and began to express what was in his heart and what he was going through. This man is 61 years old and he said to me, "Pastor Isaac, what should I do?" This is very rare in this culture. An older man, asking the advice of a younger person. Even the fact that he's coming to me telling me about his personal life... it was an awesome moment for me. It was humbling. I hear myself preach every week and the only reason I don't leave the room is because I'm attached to myself (if that makes any sense). I was humbled and encouraged at what God is doing in these people's lives. The man went on to tell me how he was praying for me, that God would give me strength to keep helping people. Again, it's not very often we get thanked in such a sincere way. I don't know if the rest of the church went home with anything I said that morning, but I was encouraged that at least one left changed. I have to admit, it is not easy to be here. The battle is hard, but it's moments like these that God sends our way to strengthen and encourage us.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Xai Xai Construction

We as Children's Cup have been working with about 200 kids in Xai Xai for a little over a year now. The work there is going great. We are working on the second phase of the carepoint which is to build the facilities. We are excited about this because we have been trying to build for quite some time but found that Xai Xai is a little different than where we are now. Doubly exciting is that this facility will also be a church. Reaching the people through physical help and healing them spiritually through the church. As Children's Cup we reach out to kids, but the parents need to see and feel God's love also. Having a church and carepoint at the same location is the perfect partnership; a lot of work, but a great way to reach kids and adults spiritually and physically.