Sunday, June 01, 2008

Jesus is our greatest gift

I'm a few days late in posting this but I need to show this awesome day we had at church. June 1st was Children's Day. I don't know the story behind it but it's a day they celebrate here in Mozambique and I know they do it in Brazil but on October 12th. We had over 300 kids at service that morning. The kids know we always do something special for them whenever we can so they once again figured us out and invited everybody they knew. Carol taught them about the greatest gift they could ever receive, Jesus. The thing that encourages me so much is that all the hard work that goes into working with kids is worth it, because God is planting in them an eternal seed that will one day grow and produce fruit that will fill this nation with the Gospel of Jesus.

Children's Cup School / Escolinha

One of the parts of a Children's Cup program is to offer pre-school to the young children. We have had a rough time trying to get it started, but we have finally done it. We have been going for about a month now. It is so exciting to see the little kids coloring, and learning the letters. Most kids don't have the opportunity to attend a pre-school so they go into first grade without knowing anything. We are grateful for the opportunity to offer at least a few kids the a good pre-school education. Who knows, maybe in the future God will let us build and start a K - 12 school. We currently have 60 kids in school.