Sunday, October 25, 2009

Parable of the rats

Every two weeks I meet with some people in the church for some teaching. Each time we talk about different topics and lately we've been talking about evangelism so I gave them and assignment. They were to write their testimony and hand it in to me.

This person went on to explain how her life was before Christ. Then she began to explain of the time when she gave her life to Christ. It was when I spoke on 'Hope' and used the story in the Bible of the rats that were put in a bucket of water with a lid on top. The rats died quickly because it was dark and they had no hope. Then another set of rats were put in a bucket but this time there was a small hole where light came in and the rats took much longer to drown because they had hope of surviving. She went on to say that she gave her life to Christ because she was hopeless and saw that she could only have hope in Jesus.

What can we learn from this:

1. God works in mysterious ways.
2. As a pastor, make sure you express very clearly what is scripture and what is not.
3. Don't start adding pages to the Bible.

Thursday, October 08, 2009


We have been blessed with a van. This has been a great asset to the work going on here. It's four wheel drive so we don't end up stuck in the middle of nowhere. The area where the church has a lot of sand and can get stuck very easily. But I'm loving the fact that we can pick up some widows and widowers that cannot walk to church. As summer comes around it becomes harder to walk to church because of the heat and people would rather stay home. We want to do everything we can for people to come and see God's love for them. It's also exciting to see the young people tell me that we need to go pick up so and so that can't walk to church. They are being evangelists. They are seeing the needs in the community and trying to do something about it. They are being the church. Taking care of those rejected and neglected by others. Lord give us the strength and endurance to be your hands and feet to the lost.

I love this picture. Putting a smile on the face that has gone through so much. most of these elderly would not be in church because they are too weak to walk.