Sunday, June 20, 2010

Serving Mozambique style

Been a while since we last posted but I could not let this one go by without sharing it. We took a day last month and helped out two families by building them typical Mozambique houses. We divided into two groups and worked hard all day. One lady we built for was a grandmother who's house was about to fall over. The wind and rain went straight through the walls. Now she has a small house with a floor. The other lady we built a house for was a widow. She is nearly blind and can hardly walk. She was living on the ground and her roof was a tarp. We were able to build a place of her own with a cement floor. I thank God for all the volunteers who made this all possible. It's such a blessing to us to see so many people who have so little doing so much to so many. God is changing hearts and lives through serving one another. Serving some one means a whole lot more when you're going through it yourself.

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